Jerry Dowling is a boutique debt collection agency offering a quality personalised service to its clients.

We cater for all your debt collection and accounts receivable needs, saving you and your team time and money. We alleviate the frustration by following up your outstanding debtors,  enabling you more time to concentrate on other more profitable areas of your business – like running your business!

We provide professional solutions to a variety of businesses and sizes throughout Australia, including not for profit organisations and also education providers.

We are a member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents Ltd and we are bound by the Institute’s code of ethics and conduct. Compliant in our collection approach, our objective is to make sure that we maintain all business relationships whilst dealing with the core objective over recovering your bad debts quickly. Our team of specialist debt collectors will make your debt a priority and find a solution to get you paid.

Outsourcing your accounts receivable can be beneficial to relieve your accounts team from the stress and frustration of dealing with clients who are ignoring your requests for payment.